Friday, August 31, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Braided Headband

So the other day I was helping my mother-in-law take some pictures of new items for her vintage shop. While we were in  her basement she came across this book, Beautiful Braidsthat was my sis-in-law's. I had the exact. same. book! when I was younger! Read on to see a front cover full of some awesome 90s hairstyles...

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Anyone else have this gem?! Anyway, as I was nostalgically flipping through the pages of this book, I came across a couple styles that reminded me of a braid I used to beg my mom to do all the time in my hair: the braid headband! So, I decided to channel my 8-year-old self today. Unfortunately, my mom wouldn't skip work to drive several hours and do my hair (weird, right?), so I had to find a way to do it myself.

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely terrible at taking pictures while doing my hair. So I'm going to share this picture tutorial with you, via Hair Romance, that I used:

I like this one because it's doable even if you don't have almost-Rapunzel-length hair like I do. P.S. I need a haircut really, really badly.

If I did this again I would make the braids bigger. Sometimes I forget how much hair I have... I think these little braids kinda get swallowed up in the lion's mane I've got. (I frequently refer to my hair as a lion's mane, by the way, and I've got proof: sometime soon I'll share photos of my 2007 Halloween costume.)

This braided headband isn't exactly how my mom used to do it... she would basically start an inverse French braid above my left ear and finish it over my right. But that's really difficult to do by yourself! Hair Romance's method is much simpler and still looks really cute.

Happy Friday!

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