Thursday, August 16, 2012

Product Review: Mane Message Hair Ties

Today I wanted to share these amazing Hair Ties and Headbands I got from Mane Message last week. 

Aren't these beautiful? My life is complete: I'm now the proud owner of hair ties that look just as cute on my wrist as they do in my hair...

Now, before getting these hair ties, I had drooled over them for quite some time. I'm a real sucker for things that are so small and colorful and pretty. I did question, though, how these pretty little hair ties would actually hold up against the lion's mane that is my hair!

That's a seriously big ol' mop of hair, right?! All my life I've dealt with the headaches of tough-as-nails, pinchy hair bands because I figured nothing else stood a chance. Little did I know that the lovely little ties of Mane Message would soon prove me wrong... They are not only cute; they're also super functional!

But first, check out the headband. I often wear those skinny elastic sports headbands to keep my hair out of my face. No more! The Mane Message version is way better because 1) it's cuter with its bright tie-dye colors, and 2) it doesn't pull on my hair or give me a headache. Even though it doesn't cut off circulation to my brain like the skinny elastic headbands, it still keeps my hair in place. Amazing!

My favorite hair style so far with the hair ties, besides my standard ponytail, is the side braid. The Mane Message ties just look so cute on the end. Again, these are my new favorite hair bands because they hold my hair in place just as well, but they don't pinch or pull!

You can find a set of your own Mane Message hair ties by visiting her website or Etsy shop. Hope you've enjoyed seeing these hair ties in action!


P.S. All opinions in this post are purely my own -- they were not prompted by, paid for, or sponsored by Mane Message. I just wanted to show off one of my new favorite accessories!

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  1. Megan,

    Thank you again for writing such a lovely post about Mane Message hair ties and headbands. I love your photographs!!

    Olivia - Mane Message Owner