Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travels: Nurnberg, Germany

My husband I went on our honeymoon last year to both Germany and Italy. Today I'm sharing one of my favorite German towns: Nurnberg, AKA Nuremberg (well, really it's a city, but everything in Germany is so picturesque that I think of it as a town). It's probably most known to Americans for the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals, but as a place to visit it's beautiful, full of history, and overflowing with good food (and beer)...

So, I've actually been to Nurnberg twice, and one of the reasons why I love it is the huge farmer's market pictured above. The first time I visited was in 2008. I was in college, visiting my husband (then boyfriend) who was teaching on a US Army Base in the nearby town of Bamberg. 

The Friday of my visit, we stopped in Nurnberg on our way up to Berlin. We were both super broke (I had like $22 in my bank account when I came back from that visit, and promptly bounced a check the next day) but we came across this farmer's market and splurged by buying some grape leaves, on a whim, from this "Mediterranean Specialties" stand:

These grape leaves were so. damn. good. that my husband, 3 years later, planned our honeymoon so that we would be in Nurnberg on a Friday. We jumped off a train and practically ran to this square to see if A) the market happened every Friday like we'd hoped, and B) the stand was still there. It was! And we had the famous grape leaves once again. They were just as delicious as I remember. My husband has actually been to Greece, and he swears that these Nurnberg grape leaves are just as good.

Nurnberg, like almost everywhere in Germany, is also filled with beautiful, charming architecture:

Including centuries old churches and cathedrals:

While we were there, we also visited the National Museum, which I'd recommend to anyone who is a history buff, like my husband, or an art aficionado:

Whenever I'm in museums, I take a million pictures. I don't know why. I was browsing through my photos today, and I no longer have any idea what these statues and paintings are. Like this one:

What are these? German monks? I have no idea. Come to think of it, these may actually be sculptures of the Three Wise Men. Maybe I do remember these things after all...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post about German grape leaves, lovely buildings, and museum visits!


P.S. As with all of my travel posts, all photos taken by me.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I actually live real close to Nuernberg, it really is a beautiful city especially during Christmas time with it's wonderful Christkindel Market. xxx

    1. Chrissy, how cool that you live nearby! I've never been to the Christkindel Market since my visits were during summer and fall... but my husband went while he lived there and said it was incredible!

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