Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lovely Package Exchange

So a couple months ago I decided to participate in the Lovely Package Exchange over at Danni's blog: oh, hello friend. I just love giving (and of course getting) gifts, and I'm always looking for some packaging inspiration for personal gifts and for my shop. My partner Sara and I were a little late in getting paired up and exchanging our packages, so I just got hers yesterday and had to share! Opening it was like Christmas in September :) Find pictures of the packaging and gifts below...

I was so excited to break open the box that I didn't take a picture before opening it. But I'm sure that at some point, you've seen what a box looks like. Inside was some pretty tissue paper:

Sara included a cute note on top of the first package:

She also used maps to wrap all of the little gifts, an idea that I love! A cool way to upcycle an atlas, and it looks beautiful too.

So, inside the map wrapping paper I found:

A set of Mane Message hair ties! In case you didn't see my Mane Message hair tie review, I LOVE these :) And I love these colors, too.

Some delicious smelling soap from prunella soap. I had thought I smelled something good when I opened the mailbox! I can't wait to try these soap sticks -- what a perfect idea for travel!

Last but not least, my favorite gift in the package is these gold dipped earrings. I have a slight earring obsession, and whenever I get a new pair I wear them endlessly... these are already in my ears!

I'm not sure exactly where these earrings are from, but you can find similar ones from slevinstyle on Etsy. Update: These earrings are from amerrymishap on Etsy!

A big thank you to Sara for such a lovely and inspirational package, and thanks to Danni for hosting the exchange! Hope you'll check out some of these gifts and maybe treat yourself to one :)



  1. Awesome! looks like you struck gold with the box!

    p.s. having my first ever giveaway!! stop by :)

    kelly elizabeth

  2. That is so cool! Those earrings are cute.

  3. I love those hair ties and the earrings!