Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Business Cards

Washi tape business cards via mint design blog

So a couple weeks ago I bought a Groupon for Vistaprint -- $17 for $70 worth of products! -- with the goal in mind of stocking up on business cards...

This is only my second time ordering professionally printed cards. (The only other time was from MOO -- if you have an Etsy shop, you can use this deal to get 100 mini-cards for free!)

In the past I've made my cards... my favorite version used this tutorial from oh, hello friend as inspiration. I also love the washi tape card pictured above -- if I had more time on my hands, I'd love to create some new cards myself!

But now I'm down to like, 5 cards, and though it's fun to make them, I couldn't pass up this deal!  So I designed a few cards on Vistaprint's website and redeemed my Groupon. I now have a TON of cards coming my way, so I hope I like them!

Here are the three designs I made...

These two are basically the same, but with different photos:

Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint

And this one is a thanks-for-your-purchase version for sending out with orders:

Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint

Those are a little hard to see because the images are small! I'll probably share some photos when I receive them in person. What do you think of the designs?

For you DIY-ers, here's a roundup of some great DIY business card tutorials:

Scratch off cards via oh, hello friend

Crafted business cards via papernstitch

Hand drawn business cards via Creature Comforts

Gorgeous ideas, right? Someday when I have more time on my hands, I'd love to make some business cards by hand that used some yarn in the design. I think those would really stand out!

Hope you've enjoyed these business card ideas!


  1. I think your cards look great. I ordered some business cards from vistaprint over the summer and I was so excited when they came in. Although I know I'm going to change the picture at some point.

  2. your card look great..that's what i want to do with plastic business cards.