Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Lovely Little Journals from Subtle Acts

A couple weeks ago I won Subtle Act's fall gift pack giveaway, and I was thrilled to receive these three beautiful journals! Organizing my life and business is a constant struggle for me (I am by nature messy and cluttered), and so these journals are helping me fight the battle :)

Read on for more about these lovely journals and where you can get your own...

All of the journals from Subtle Acts are hand stamped moleskine notebooks -- and Erica designs and carves each stamp by hand! She has some amazing photos of her design process here in her Etsy shop:

These journals all have quality paper & are the perfect size to stick in your pocket or purse to carry around.

Want a peek at how I'm organizing? I've designated this maple leaf journal as my to-do list:

With its unlined paper, this campfire journal is perfect for my new ideas journal, where I've listed and sketched inspiration for new designs in my shop:

Finally, this owl notebook is now providing my most needed piece of organization, as a place to store the patterns I've developed for my knit products! See, there are some designs, like this hat, that I've made so often I have the pattern memorized. BUT occasionally I won't have an order for a certain design in several months... and then I have to hunt down the scrap of paper where I scribbled out the pattern as I made it up! Which, given the chaos of my workspace, is nearly impossible.

With an X-Acto knife, some notecards, and this lovely notebook, I now have an easy way to store and organize my patterns. I've been forcing myself to get organized over the past few days, and I've spent some time writing out each pattern on a card and slipping them into the pages of the journal. This really is the perfect arrangement because I can remove the pattern from the notebook to easily consult it as I knit!

A big thanks to Erica for offering this giveaway... I love my new journals! Visit her shop here to get some of your own... and check out her hand-stamped cards too :)


P.S. All opinions expressed here are purely my own and were not prompted by nor sponsored by anyone.

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  1. I like her picture that shows how she created the stamp. Thats great to have on your etsy page.